Types and Varieties of White Wine



White wines are made from fermented white grape varieties with white or colored skins and can range from straw-yellow to yellow-gold in color. The many varieties of white wine depend on the different production methods, the many white grape varieties and many other factors. Below are some of the most common types and varieties of white wine.


Types of White


Dry White 

Dry wines have no residual residual sugars. They have higher acidity levels and strong crispy flavors hence suitable for people who do not enjoy sweet or sugary wine.


Semi-dry White 

This refers to white wines that have a little residual sugar and therefore have balanced sweet and crispy tastes. They are neither too crispy nor fruity.


Sweet White 

Sometimes referred to as dessert wines, sweet wines have residual sugars and generally tend to be sweet with rich fruity flavors. They are made through an incomplete fermentation process. The winemaker ferments the grape juice then stops the fermentation process before all the natural sugars are converted to alcohol.


White Varieties



This refers to a green-skinned grape variety that is used to make white wine. Originally from France, this grape variety is now the most well-known white wine grape variety and also planted in many parts of the world.

Fresh Chardonnay is a full-bodied dry white wine with strong citrus flavors. If it is matured in oak casks, this white wine adopts a creamy taste with hints of vanilla, caramel and toffee.



Riesling refers to a very aromatic fruity grape variety and has been considered to be the greatest white wine grape variety for centuries. This grape wine variety is known for its wide array of flavors, styles and its ability to mature for decades.

Riesling can be strong, delicate, zesty and crispy all at the same time.


Sauvignon Blanc

Originally from Bordeaux and the Loire valley in France, sauvignon Blanc refers to a grape variety used to make excellent white wines. It is one of the most planted grapes in the world and is famous for its wide variety of styles and fragrances.

Most sauvignon Blancs are produced as dry white wines with strong crispy and citrus flavors. Its main fruit flavors include; green apple, lime, peach and passion but depending on how the wine was made and how ripe grapes were, flavors can range from flowery peach to fresh lime.


Chenin Blanc

Also known as Pineau de la Loire, this grape variety has its roots in Loire valley, France. It has high acidity levels which make it very flexible in that it can be used to make many types of white wines including sparkling wines, sweet wines and dry wines.

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