What is an IPA?

What is an IPA?

What is an IPA?

Most of us have heard the term IPA when were at a bar drinking or when someone shows up with a can or bottle that looks a little different from the norm. But what really is an IPA and what’s so great about them? Well, IPA stands for “India Pale Ale.What is an IPA?

So, does that mean they come from India? Not exactly.

IPA was allegedly invented by the British during their efforts to colonize India. Beer would not keep on the long voyages so they came up with IPA’s that would need not refrigeration and could withstand the prolonged heat without spoiling.

So why keep them around now that we have refrigeration?

IPAs have a strong and bitter taste that is a unique flavor. Just like the last of red wine, the IPA is an acquired taste. The taste can be overwhelming at first but as you learn more about it, you can begin to taste the distinct flavors.

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