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A Little Info About Liquor and Types of Liquor


Commonly referred to as hard liquor in the United States, liquor refers to any alcoholic beverage distilled from fruits, fermented grains or vegetables. Unlike other alcoholic drinks which are made by sugar fermentation, liquor is produced from a pure distillation process whereby the gas produced is condensed to form a drink with a high alcoholic content. The percentage of alcohol in distilled drinks varies but usually ranges from 25% to 85%.

Many people confuse Liquor and liqueur. However, these terms are not similar and do not refer to the same drinks.  Unlike liquors, liqueurs contain added sugars and aromas and generally have a lower alcoholic content that ranges from 15% to 55% depending on drinks. Liqueur is mostly complemented by coffee.


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Types of Liquor


This is the most widely produced type of liquor in the United States. Whiskey is distilled from a variety of grains and then aged in oak barrels. It can be brown or dark in color and it gets this color from being stored in the wooden casks.

There are four main varieties of whiskies depending on the countries of origin. They include; bourbon whiskey, scotch whiskey Canadian whiskey and Irish whiskey.

Bourbon whiskey is a style of whiskey made in the United States that contains at least 51 % of corn. The mixture is distilled at least twice then matured in large charred oak casks for not less 2 than years.

Scotch whiskey is often only referred to as ‘scotch’. It is a Scottish style of whiskey that is produced from distilling a variety of peat smoked grains then aged in large oak barrels for at least 3 years. However, it must be made in Scotland.

Canadian whiskey is produced in Canada but is very similar to mixed styles of Irish and bourbon whiskies and is famous for its smooth taste. After the distillation process, it must be matured in wooden casks for 3 years or more.

Irish whiskey is produced only in Ireland. Irish whiskey is categorized as either single malts; produced from  or blended malts ; produced from a mixture of single malt grains and grain whiskies made from other grains such as wheat and corn.

Whiskey can also be spelled as whisky depending on the country of origin, most notably Canadian and Scottish producers. This variation in spelling does not however affect the quality of the whiskies.



Vodka is a clear, tasteless and odorless spirit that is made mainly from the distillation of barley, sorghum, wheat corn and even potatoes.  Unlike whiskey however, vodka is never aged. Originally from Russia, vodka is now very popular in America and other parts of the world. It is considered to be one of the purest spirits in the world and has a very high alcoholic content.

Because of its odorless and tasteless nature, vodka is mainly used to make cocktails in most parts of the world.  However, it is preferred straight up in Russia, and in many Baltic countries.



Gin is a dry spirit made from distillation of grains .Drinks can be clear in color or yellowish if they are matured in oak barrels. It is mostly spiced using juniper berries.



Brandy is a type of liquor made from the distillation of crushed grapes, plums, apples and even pears. After distillation, the mixture is then matured in oak barrels hence its rich brown color.



This type of liquor is made from the distillation of the blue agave; a plant grown in some parts of Mexico and can be pure tequila or blends of tequila depending on whether it is made from 100 % blue agave or blended with other ingredients.



Rum is a type of liquor that is made from distillation of sugar juice and even is most popularly consumed in the Caribbean islands and in most parts of South America. Rum is the official drink for sailors and pirates.

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