Choosing the Best Beverage

Choosing the Best Beverage

Spring is upon us and that means warm beautiful weather and lots or reason to get together with friends and family and enjoy an adult beverage! A great party always has two key elements: 1. Great Food and 2. Great Drinks! Most adults work a busy 9-5 and want to have a drink or 2 when they attend a party. But as a good host, there’s always the questions of: What drink do I serve?

Here’s a few question to ask yourself:

  • What’s my budget? Are you needing something that is cost effective but will still give each adult 1 – 2 drinks? A sangria can stretch a long way on a budget! Or a couple of cases of beer.
  • What’s the occasion? Girls night, poker party, back yard bbq..etc. A couple of gals together might like a vodka and cranberry mix but poker night might call for a full-bodied scotch.
  • Are you serving food? if your considering just appetizer then a drink with a lower alcohol content might be best. If your serving a sit-down meal, then liquor could be an option.

When you come into Arlington Liquor Store we treat you like family! We want to help you find the right adult beverages for your party. Contact us with any questions or come by for a visit!

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